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Your honor, the prosecution calls K3rberos to the stand

since i know they read this:

kerb i have no problem putting my names on things. i have better things to do than "dox" some turncoat scumbag who ddos people and lets others take the fall such as you. its quite clear from seeing the daily bans on that shitty discord that you guys have a TON of haters and i quite honestly hope you and 1up have had your lives constantly interrupted and annoyed by dealing with the scumbags of that community. cant say we didnt warn you. it gives me great joy watching you 2 CLOWN admins slowly but surely lose your sanity dealing with the people we warned you about. maybe next time dont embrace a lisping retard on a power trip then ban 2 people for using a damn gun in the game, you retard.

"we dont give anyone special treatment" - ddos boy 2021

[Image: unknown.png]

ps tell 1up that he should just ban people for "bitching about guns in pubs". hes really good at that apparently. toodles
"Tawok must've been a great man"

-RazorDak 12/12/21

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