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We moved web hosts today after discussing it for the past month. We felt now was the right time to do it to ensure the websites stability moving forward. Big thanks to hitman for getting these forums back up with minimal to no downtime. We want to thank 1UP for hosting the forums for the almost 3 years as he did it on his own dime. He did a lot for this community, especially during its start up and we appreciate that. He is welcome to post here if he chooses to.

The only admins right now are myself and Hitman so if you are interested in helping out, let us know. The rules are basically the same as they were before. No porn, no copyrighted content, no illegal activities. Try to keep the "toxic" stuff to a minimum, if you really want to vent on something we always have a discord to post in:

Thanks all and keep on thumpin!
"I dindu nuffin n say anythang 2 evo. i wuz a good lil boi n neva ddos'd dom"

-K3rber0s August 2022

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